Off-Road tour among the olive trees

It’s a real journey on board our PICKUP through the narrow countryside roads – in search of the most authentic Liguria.

To guide you, but also to drive you, you will find Federico who will tell you about the Petricor project and the way in which we want to enhance our land by working towards a more sustainable future. A unique and fun experience, a real off-road tour between the olive trees! The experience ends with an outdoor picnic immersed in the Ligurian countryside.

What does it include? Pickup tour, a bottle of wine, a selection of our products and a mixed platter of local delicacies.

  • Duration: Two and a half hours
  • Price: 80 € per person (Min: 2 people, Max: 6 people)
  • Language: available in English, Italian and French

Person: 2